4ward Fitness會員成功真實個案 【邁向健康自信】⁣⁣

減肥最辛苦嘅一定係堅持,最好嘅方法就係循序漸進的運動規劃同埋專業指導。一齊睇下4ward Fitness嘅真實個案,教練點樣令你大瘦身啦!我哋會用「國際醫療級Boditrax身體測量儀」為會員進行專業分析,之後根據會員體格去度身訂造個人專屬訓練計劃和飲食建議。見到會員體型有大改變,我哋都非常開心!不單可以令身體更健康,自信亦大大提升!⁣


The hardest part of losing weight must be persistence, and the best way is gradual exercise planning and professional guidance. Let's take a look at the real cases of 4ward Fitness, how do our instructors help you to lose weight! We will use the "International Medical Grade Boditrax Body Measuring Device" to conduct professional analysis for members, and then tailor-made personal training plans and dietary recommendations based on the member's physique. We are very happy to see a big change in the body shape of this member! Not only can you make your body healthier, but your self-confidence is also greatly improved!⁣

The most important thing to do is to persevere, absolutely not to rush. Under the guidance of her personal trainer, Chris, this member slowly integrates sports into their lives, and her bodies gradually become better! Do you want to be healthier and more confident? Contact us now and experience a personal training course for only $150 ! ⁣⁣