【 AASFP X 4ward Fitness 📽 Workout of the Day 】⁣⁣⁣⁣

新一集《Workout of the Day》🎬出咗啦!今次由我哋韓國教練Roy🇰🇷帶領大家一齊運動!主要訓練肩同手臂,可以運用水樽或啞鈴來輔助。見到OPPA強而有力嘅手臂💪🏻,快啲跟住一齊做啦,可以減「Byebye肉」㗎!⁣ ⁣ A new episode of "Workout of the Day"🎬 is launched! Our Korean trainer Roy🇰🇷 leads everyone to exercise together! The main training is shoulder and arm, you can use water bottles or dumbbells to assist. When you see OPPA's strong arms💪🏻, you must do it together. It can tighten your arms!⁣

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