【Instructor分享🎤King Lok】⁣

14歲就加入香港青年足球代表隊⚽嘅King Lok,自少就非常熱愛足球☄。為咗提升表現,不斷去訓練自己嘅體能💫。運動除咗令他變得更有自信之外👍🏻,仲練得一身好體型!仲曾經代表香港參加全球先生選舉比賽💁🏻‍♂,所以運動對King Lok嚟講,喺不可缺少嘅一部分。亦都因為4ward Fitness有不同模式嘅訓練🤼‍♂,令到King Lok都想將過去嘅訓練經驗,分享俾更多學員。如果你仲未體驗過,就要即刻登記啦,首次登記試堂免費㗎(價值$500)✨⁣ ⁣ King Lok, who joined the Hong Kong Youth Football Team⚽ at 14 years old, loved football since childhood☄. In order to improve performance, he continues to train the physical fitness💫. In addition to enhance more confident👍🏻, he also has a good body shape after training! He has represented Hong Kong in the global Mr. Election competition💁🏻‍♂. Therefore, sport is an integral part of him. 4ward Fitness has different training modes🤼‍♂, and it makes King Lok wants to share his training experience with more students. If you have n’t try before, register now. Register for the first trial for free ($ 500 value).⁣

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