【4ward Fitness 2周年🎊8大禮遇】

4ward Fitness 2周年啦⭐!喺過去日子,好感謝各位一直對4ward Fitness嘅支持和愛護💕!為咗慶祝2周年盛事,我地強勢推出👉🏻「8大禮遇」,人人受惠,一齊分享喜悅!

新一年幫你擁有至fit既你,全新推出✅《3個月極速燒脂》計劃,新客戶只要參加計劃,你每減1磅就送你$200,仲有埋教練幫你訓練,仲有課堂上,健身器材任用!想瘦,有幾難?快啲參加啦! 當然會員都有優惠架,✨連環7重禮遇去答謝會員嘅支持!特別為✅會員免費升級、✅全新跳舞堂和✅新課堂、✅多元化戶外活動、✅餐廳優惠等等!咁多項目,真喺聽到都開心!喺未來日子,4ward Fitness 將會繼續向前,帶更多優惠和新元素俾大家,永遠step forward!

💫《3個月極速燒脂》詳情:4wardfitness.com.hk/3months-plan 💫會員優惠詳情:4wardfitness.com.hk/2-anniversary-promo

It's the 2nd anniversary⭐ of 4ward Fitness! In the past, thank you for all support and care for 4ward Fitness💕! In order to celebrate the 2nd anniversary event, we launched the 👉🏻"8 Benefits" and share the joy together!

Want to have a fit body in new year? We launch the newest ✅"3 Months Fast Fat Burning" plan. As long as new customers participate in the plan, you will get $ 200 for every pound you lose. There is a coach to have training with you, also have the group classes and fitness equipment to use! How difficult is it to lose weight? Come and join! Of course, members also have✨ 7 benefits, and thank their support! Special ✅free upgrades for members,✅ new dance halls and ✅new group classes, ✅diverse outdoor activities, ✅restaurant discounts and more! Multi-project, happy to hear! In the future, 4ward Fitness will continue to move forward, bringing more benefits and new elements to everyone, always step forward!

💫"3 Months Fast Fat Burning" details:4wardfitness.com.hk/3months-plan 💫Members benefit’s details:4wardfitness.com.hk/2-anniversary-promo

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