【 KOLOR 大戰⚔ Holofit Mini Personal Training Group Class 】

見到Kolor你會唸起咩?應該會同音樂有關啦🎸!最近他們都積極籌備8月嘅九展演唱會🎤,當然抖下氣之餘,都要練氣嘅!早前Kolor上咗4ward Fitness 🤼‍♂挑戰全港獨家嘅Holofit Mini Personal Training Group Class。我哋安排咗3位韓國教練🇰🇷,分別針對式咁訓練唔同肌肉,例如✅肌肉嘅持久力、✅爆發力和✅線條訓練等!訓練完,當然唔少得4人競賽啦。做完一輪熱身運動,就喺體力大爆發嘅時候💥!Kolor真喺活力無限,玩得非常投入。如果你都有興趣挑戰體能極限,就即刻去了解下👇🏻! 👉🏻詳情:4wardfitness.com.hk/holofit-mini-class

What do you think of when you meet Kolor? It should be related to music🎸! Recently, they are actively preparing for the KITEC concert🎤on August. Of course, after the break, they must also practice their energy too! Kolor came to 4ward Fitness to 🤼‍♂challenge the H.K. exclusive Holofit Mini Personal Training Group Class. We arranged 3 Korean coaches🇰🇷 to train different muscles, such as ✅muscle endurance, ✅explosive power and ✅line training, etc.! There should be a 4-person competition too. After the warm-up exercise, the physical strength is burst💥! Kolor was very energetic and very engaged. If you are all interested in challenging your physical fitness, read it now👇🏻! 👉🏻More details:4wardfitness.com.hk/holofit-mini-class

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