【4ward Fitness X TVB 📺 Y Angle】

成日睇韓劇都會唸,如果有Oppa陪住返學返工💕,可能會精神好多!做運動都唔例外架,但唔洗去韓國咁遠啦🙅🏻‍♀!早前Y Angle嘅主持人🎤就上咗嚟4ward,拜會我哋Oppa韓國教練Shawn🇰🇷,挑戰韓式軍訓。睇到三位主持人嘅表情,都知道唔簡單🙈。唔信?上嚟試下挑戰下吧🌟

Like the Korean dramas, if we go to school or work with Oppa 💕, it may be more spirit! It can also apply in doing exercise, but you don't have to go Korea so far 🙅🏻‍♀! TVB Y Angle's host🎤 came to 4ward and met our Oppa Korean coach Shawn🇰🇷. They challenged Korean military training. Seeing the expressions of them, it seems not easy🙈. Don’t believe? Come up and challenge it🌟.

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