【 Calvin Chan 陳偉洪 X 4ward Fitness】

2009年香港先生少年組冠軍嘅陳偉洪Calvin Chan 早前代表4ward Fitness參加了PCA HKPRO Men’s Physique: Swimwear健身比賽💥4ward Fitness喺呢3個月內同Calvin進行咗貼身嘅拍攝📹去片睇下Calvin短短3個月嘅轉變啦💪🏻

2009 Hong Kong Mr. Junior Group champion, Calvin Chan represented 4ward Fitness to participated PCA HKPRO Men’s Physique: Swimwear Fitness Competition? 📹4ward Fitness has been filming with Calvin for three months. Let’s check what happened to Calvin.💪🏻

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