It is Official!

4ward Fitness致力創造最佳運動環境俾所有會員,早前更獲得 環境保護署 「室內空氣質素檢定證書《卓越級》」認證!容易被忽略嘅細節,4ward都用心對待,務求每一位嚟做運動嘅會員都安心放心。

進行帶氧運動同負重訓練時,人體需要更多嘅氧氣去帶動身體機能,鼻口同時幫助呼吸。4ward Fitness沿用與香港國際機場同款空氣淨化機,令場所內嘅空氣每時每刻都清新無污染,過濾VOCs、甲醛、氯氣等雜質,帶俾你真正健康清新嘅運動環境。

At 4ward Fitness, we have always placed our focus on ensuring that our quality of products and services meet and surpass standard and expectations👍. Our quest to ensure best indoor air quality suitable for exercise has been paid off with an official certification from Hong Kong's Environmental Protection Department as "EXCELLENT CLASS"!

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