【Yoga Stretch😌以放鬆為先】⁣

唔好以為瑜伽睇落好輕鬆,其實需要累積練習先可以做到教練嘅標準姿勢。Yoga Stretch主要係放鬆我哋緊繃嘅肌肉同埋心情,所以最緊要係維持自己舒適的姿勢,放鬆自己。練習瑜伽要根據身體情況而定,強迫自己做到標準動作或者同人比較唔單只會影響情緒,仲會令自己受傷!所以大家記住唔好心急呀!加入4ward Fitness,喺專業教練指導下慢慢進步啦!⁣

Don't think that yoga seems to be easy, but it actually requires cumulative practice to achieve the instructor’s standard posture. Yoga Stretch is mainly to relax our tight muscles and mood , so the most important thing is to maintain a comfortable posture and relax . Practicing yoga depends on your physical condition. Forcing yourself to do a standard posture or compare with others not only affects your emotions but also hurts yourself ! So, remember to be patient! Join 4ward Fitness and make progress slowly under the guidance of our professional instructors !⁣

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