【Yin yoga 瘦腿體式】⁣

Yin yoga入面有各種體式,而訓練的部位都有所不同。Kneeling Quad Stretch (跪下髖關節拉筋)有助於放鬆膝關節上方的肌肉,加速下半身循環,幫助排水、瘦腿!特別喺任何鍛煉大腿嘅訓練之後,伸展下半身顯得更加重要。拉伸腿部肌肉嘅體式當然唔只一個,立即加入4ward Fitness,讓專業導師教你更多瘦腿體式啦!⁣

There are various poses in Yin yoga and the aim training body parts are different . Kneeling Quad Stretch helps to relax the muscles above the knee joint, accelerate the circulation of the lower body, help drainage, thin legs ! Especially after any training that exercises the thighs, stretching the lower body is really important. Of course, there is more than one asana for stretching the leg muscles, Come to join 4ward Fitness, let our professional instructors teach you more slim down legs poses!⁣