【TRX Circuit🔥爆汗燒脂】⁣

TRX 係 Total Resistance Exercise 的縮寫,即係「全身阻力鍛鍊」。透過吊繩同體重,唔需要額外負重,就可以用唔同傾斜度及動作訓練全身各部位肌肉,啱晒健身新手!TRX嘅動作仲好多樣化,一定唔會做到好悶啊!快啲嚟4ward Fitness一齊提高力量、柔韌性同埋核心穩定性啦!⁣


TRX is the abbreviation of Total Resistance Exercise, which means "full-body resistance exercise". Through the sling and body weight, you can use different inclinations and movements without additional weight to train the muscles of all parts of the body. Which is really suitable for Fitness newbies! TRX's actions are very diverse, it would never be dull ! Come to 4ward Fitness to improve strength, flexibility, and core stability together!⁣

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