【Stretch yoga 🌟駱駝式】⁣

駱駝式(Camel Pose) 將整個脊柱向後伸展,同時調整脊椎曲線。亦有助糾正長期前彎而導致的都市體型,尤其是膊頭下垂、A字膊和寒背人士。除此以外,練習時的伸展會同時按摩內臟,有助促進消化等。駱駝式係一個入門嘅後彎動作,Stretch yoga仲有好多訓練唔同部位嘅動作快啲加入4ward Fitness,喺專業指引下安全練習唔同體位⁣

Camel Pose stretches the entire spine backward while adjusting the spine curve. It also helps to correct the urban body shape caused by long-term forward bending, especially for people with sagging shoulders, A-shaped shoulders, and humpbacks. In addition, stretching during the exercise will massage the internal organs at the same time, which will help enhance digestion, etc. Camel Pose is an introductory backbend exercise. Stretch yoga has a lot of other position exercisesJoin 4ward Fitness now, and practice safely and in the same position under professional guidance!