【Stretch Yoga🌟坐著也能拉筋?】⁣

Stretch Yoga入面有部分動作都係坐、跪或者躺在瑜伽墊上。其實跪喺腳踭可以讓脊椎挺直,而各種體式都拉扯到身體不同部位。例如伸展肩頸、上背肌肉等以緩解長時間操作電腦造成嘅肌肉疲勞,啱晒經常坐嘅上班族!立即加入4ward Fitness,等專業導師教你釋放身體壓力啦!⁣

In Stretch Yoga, part of the movement is to sit, kneel or lie on the yoga mat . In fact, kneeling on the feet can make our spine straight , and various postures can stretch different parts of the body. For example, stretching the shoulders, neck, upper back muscles, etc. to relieve muscle fatigue caused by long-term computer operation, which is really good for office workers that often sit ! Join 4ward Fitness now, and let our professional instructors teach you to release your body pressure!⁣