【Slim yoga🌟瑜伽磚的附助】⁣

無論係初學定係資深的瑜珈訓練者,都會有需要瑜珈磚(Yoga Block)嘅時候,佢可以用作延伸、支撐或強化動作。例如在某個動作中感到難以維持,就可以用到瑜珈磚的附助。即使身體未夠柔軟也可深化動作,同時避免拉傷或扭傷。立即加入4ward Fitness,喺專業教練指導下發掘更多配合瑜伽磚嘅動作啦!⁣


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga trainer, you will need Yoga Block, it can be used as an extension, support, or strengthening position . For example, if you feel difficult to maintain in a certain position, you can use the assistance of yoga blocks . Even if your body is not soft enough, you can also deepen the movements, avoiding strains or sprains at the same time. Join 4ward Fitness now, discover more usage of yoga blockswith the guidance of our professional instructors!⁣