【Latin Fit Dance🌟動感修身】⁣

Latin係社交舞嘅一種,強調節拍、眼神同埋身體動作,跳起來極有動感。Latin Fit Dance透過搖動臀部和肩膀等加快心率,達至有氧運動的效果,充滿動感又易學!除咗為運動增添樂趣,亦可以強化身體力量、修飾身型、增強自信。立即加入4ward Fitness,用熱情嘅舞蹈燃燒脂肪啦!⁣

Latin refers to types of ballroom dance and folk dance. It emphasizes the tempo, eye contact, and body movements which is very dynamic when dancing. Latin Fit Dance speeds up the heart rate by shaking the hips and shoulders etc., and achieves the effect of aerobic exercise, full of dynamic and easy to learn! In addition to adding fun to exercise, it can also strengthen body strength, modify body shape, and enhance self-confidence. Join 4ward Fitness now and burn fat with this passionate dance!⁣