【Kettlebell 小知識🌟】⁣

壺鈴 (Kettlebell) 嘅握法可以有很多變化,有環狀嘅把手設計,可以令你以單手、雙手的握法來進行不同的訓練。甚至可以正立、倒立壺鈴的方式也可以抓實!這樣多樣化的訓練動作不止練到握力,也能夠做到針對大肌群的訓練動作。

The Kettlebell's grip can be varied in many ways. The ring-shaped handle design allows us to use one-handed and two-handed grips for different training. You can even hold the kettlebell upright or upside down! The diversified training movements are not only practice grip strength, but also can achieve training movements for large muscle groups.