【Hyperblade course- 教練專業進修課程】⁣

4ward Fitness嘅教練一以來都不停進修,早前就報讀咗Hyperblade課程。Hyperblade比起滾筒放鬆、激痛點療法、伸展、或市面上常見嘅恢復工具更有效。佢可以加快恢復速度,喺熱身嘅時候快速降低乳酸堆積、肌肉酸痛。等大家可以放鬆身體部位,仲可以促進肌肉成長!4ward Fitness教練除咗會幫大家健身減肥之外,仲會以專業知識幫大家改善肌肉繃緊,從而改善體態~快啲上嚟我哋嘅教練溝通下啦!⁣


The personal trainers in 4ward Fitness keep engaging in advanced studies, one of them is the Hyperblade course. Hyperblade is more effective than roller relaxation, trigger point therapy, stretching, or common recovery tools. It can accelerate the speed of recovery, quickly reduce the accumulation of lactic acid and muscle aches. It can also relax the body parts and facilitate muscle growth ! In addition to helping you lose weight, the 4ward Fitness personal trainers will also use professional knowledge to help you improve muscle tension, thereby improving your posture ~ Join us now!⁣

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