Holofit係一個智能互動訓練模式,結合多媒體技術、活力嘅音樂、互動燈光同埋心率監測系統,重塑全新視角嘅小組鍛煉!Holofit更設有多種運動模式,其中有需要互相配合嘅小組鍛煉。例如腹部訓練嘅同時互相傳健身球等。唔單止更有趣地訓練身體,仲可以識到新朋友添!快啲加入4ward Fitness,一齊體驗Holofit嘅趣味性啦!⁣⁣


The Holofit training technology is an interactive training platform that combines multimedia technology, vibrant music, interactive lights, and a heart rate monitoring system. Our Holofit Group Class can offer you a whole new perspective! It also contains different workout modes, one of which includes teamwork. For example, members have to deliver a ball while training the core at the same time. Holofit not only train your body more interestingly, but you can also meet new friends too ! Join 4ward Fitness and experience the fun of Holofit together!⁣⁣

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