4ward Fitness全港最大嘅HOLOFIT訓練場地讓你不受空間限制!而LED燈光除咗帶來視覺衝擊外,亦設有Signage標記幫助大家做出標準動作,達到最佳效果並減少受傷機會。配合音樂同燈光,一定比獨自訓練更加有趣!你都想體驗一下?立即聯絡我哋啦~⁣

4ward Fitness's largest HOLOFIT training venue in Hong Kong allows you to be free from space constraints ! In addition to the visual impact , the LED lighting also has a Signage mark to you stay in the standard position to achieve the best results and reduce the chance of injury. With music and lights, it must be more fun than training alone! Wanna experience this exciting training? Contact us now ~⁣