【HKNBF自然健美大賽 X Kenvis】⁣

4ward Fitness教練Kenvis呢幾個月都堅持每日訓練、控制飲食同埋作息時間,展現出堅毅嘅體育精神!憑住堅強嘅意志力,Kenvis喺HKNBF自然健美大賽中獲得Sports Model Novice第二名!我哋一齊啲掌聲Kenvis啦!Kenvis當日盡情享受舞台,以最靚嘅姿態散播力量~希望更多人一齊建立同埋維持健康嘅生活模式。即刻聯絡4ward Fitness嘅專業健身教練陪你見證成功啦!⁣

4ward Fitness personal trainerKenvis sticks with daily training, diet control, and daily routine for several months, showing perseverance sportsmanship ! With strong willpower, Kenvis won second place in the Sports Model Novice in the "HKNBF Hong Kong Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness"! Let’s applause for Kenvis together! He enjoyed on the stage that day and spread his power in the most beautiful posture~ And hope that more people will build and maintain a healthy lifestyle . Contact our professional fitness trainer at 4ward Fitness now!⁣

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