HIIT (High- Intensity Interval Training),中文係高強度間歇式訓練。原理係透過短時間內高強度運動訓練同埋短暫休息循環訓練,達至燃燒卡路里的效果。HIIT運動時間可調節而且效果明顯,啱晒生活忙碌嘅上班族!係個慳時間又健康嘅選擇!快啲加入4ward fitness,同專業教練一齊燃燒脂肪同鍛鍊肌肉啦!⁣

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) aims to achieve the effect of burning calories through short-term high-intensity exercise training and short rest cycle training. The exercise time can be adjusted and the effect is obvious, suitable for busy office workers ! It is a time-saving and healthy choice! Join 4ward fitness now, burn fat and build muscle with professional instructors !⁣

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