【Galaxy Yoga🌟星空小知識】⁣⁣

大家知唔知點解星星會「一閃一閃」?所謂嘅星星都係指自主發光嘅恆星,或者係反射陽光嘅行星同衛星。而佢哋嘅顏色取決於表面溫度,溫度越高顏色就會偏藍、白; 溫度越低,就會越接近紅色。我哋嘅Galaxy yoga設有四十多款不同LED設計,亦有唔同顏色。讓大家置身戶外,遠離塵囂,喺星空銀河中將壓力揮走~快啲加入4ward Fitness,同專業教練一齊享受最獨特的瑜伽新體驗啦!⁣⁣

Do you know why the stars will "twinkle" ? Stars refer to stars that emit light autonomously or planets and satellites that reflect sunlight. Their colors depend on their surface temperature. The higher the temperature, the color will be blue or white. The lower the temperature, the closer to the red . Our Galaxy yoga has more than 40 different LED designs with different colors. Allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle , wave away the pressure under this stunning starry sky and galaxy~ Come join 4ward Fitness, and enjoy the most unique new yoga experience with our professional instructors!⁣⁣