【Detox yoga🌟適合任何人士】⁣⁣

瑜珈有分好多種類,每種瑜伽嘅目標同屬性都略有不同。Detox yoga可以協助肌肉熱身同埋良好的伸展,減少扭傷等情況。除咗拉伸之餘亦可以大量排汗,促進血液循環及新陳代謝,加速排毒!Detox yoga動作簡單,做完會有通體舒暢嘅效果。特別推介比瑜伽初學者同埋身體較僵硬嘅人~快啲加入4ward Fitness,等專業嘅導師指導大家放心鬆身體啦!

There are many types of yoga, each of which has slightly different attributes . Detox yoga can warm up our muscles and stretch well , also reduce injuries. In addition to stretching, it can also make us sweat a lot, enhance blood circulation, metabolism, and accelerate detoxification! The moves in Detox yoga are simple , we will definitely be relaxed after doing it. We especially recommend this to yoga beginners and stiffer bodies~ Join 4ward Fitness now, and wait for professional instructors to guide you to relax!

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