【Detox yoga 可以減肥嗎?】⁣

固定練習Detox yoga可以促進新陳代謝,將身體的毒素排走,亦有助身體消耗熱量。不過減肥並非瑜伽的主要作用,是主要放鬆心情和筋肌、改善身型、加強核心肌群等。所以減肥都係做多啲帶氧運動比較實際!如果想減肥事半功倍,搵我哋嘅專業私人教練指導就萬無一失!立即加入4ward Fitness,開展你嘅健康之旅啦!⁣

Practice Detox yoga regularly can enhance metabolism, remove toxins from the body, and also help to burn calories . However, weight loss is not the main function of yoga, it is mainly to relax the mood and muscles, improve body shape, strengthen core muscles, etc. So doing more aerobic exercise to lose weight is more practical! If you want to lose weight with less effort, you can use our professional personal trainer to guide you. Join 4ward Fitness now and start your health journey!⁣