【Detox Yoga🌟久坐族救星】⁣

現代人「久坐不動」容易造成小腹脂肪堆積、肩緊痠痛、下半身柔軟度不足等。或者上班族維持唔正確的姿勢工作一整日,長遠唔單止影響體態美觀,仲會造成各種酸痛。瑜伽招式弓式(Bow Pose)除咗幫助改善體態外,更加可以伸展髖關節、強化上下背部肌肉量、按摩和拉伸腹部。想學更多瑜伽招式?立即加入4ward Fitness啦!⁣


Modern people sit for a long time which can easily cause fat accumulation in the lower abdomen, tight shoulders, and insufficient lower body flexibility. Also, if office workers maintain an incorrect posture and work for a whole day , it will not only affect our body shape but also cause various aches and pains in the long run. In addition to helping to improve posture, Bow Pose can also stretch the hip joints, strengthen the muscles of the upper and lower back, massage and stretch the abdomen. Want to learn more about yoga poses? Join 4ward Fitness now!⁣