【Detox yoga,不同程度也可參加】⁣

Detox yoga 主要是有系統地伸展和壓縮你身體的每個部位,循序漸進的伸展、扭轉和彎曲等姿勢可促進血液和淋巴循環排出老廢物質。亦都可以按摩及刺激具排毒功能的器官,讓身體變得年輕!由於大部分動作都會扭曲身體,大家要特別注意肌肉負荷。如果負荷過重嘅話,有機會造成肌肉或肌腱受傷!所以快啲加入4ward Fitness,喺專業導師指導下排除不必要的物質,保持最佳狀態啦!⁣

Detox yoga is mainly to systematically stretch and compress every part of your body , step by step stretching, twisting and bending postures can enhance blood and lymphatic circulation to expel metabolic waste. It can also massage and stimulate the organs with detoxification function to make the body younger! Since most movements will distort the body, we all should pay special attention to muscle load. If it is overloaded, it may cause muscle or tendon injury ! Join 4ward Fitness now, eliminate unnecessary substances under the guidance of our professional instructors, and maintain your best condition !⁣