【Deep Stretching yoga🌟減壓伸展】⁣

Deep Stretching yoga主要係提供一個舒緩壓力嘅方法比大家,上完堂可以煥然一新,繼續迎接更多挑戰。其實即使係放鬆身心嘅瑜伽,都要由熱身開始。而我哋嘅專業導師亦會因應會員嘅程度調整熱身同休息時間,所以絕對適合任何初學者或者精神緊張嘅都市人!立即加入4ward Fitness放鬆身心,為繁忙的生活做好精神準備啦!⁣

Deep Stretching yoga mainly provides a way to relieve our stress, after attending the class, you can have a new spirit and continue to take more challenges . In fact, even yoga is for relaxation, we must start with warming up. Our professional instructors will adjust the warm-up and rest time according to the members' level, so it is absolutely suitable for any beginners or nervous urbanites! Join 4ward Fitness now relax your mind and body, and be mentally prepared for the busy life !⁣

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