【4ward Fitness🌟確保環境安全衛生】⁣

4ward Fitness為大家的安全著想,除咗每日定時清潔場地,仲會定期聘請EHS消毒團隊進行消毒。我們一直堅持嚴格保持場地衛生,所以今年再次獲得最高空氣質素指標「卓越級」標準,成為全港唯一連續四年獲得最高等級的健身中心!而消毒團隊EHS引入美國最新消毒技術,具有革命性嘅殺菌效能,不含對健康和環境有害的刺激性化學成份,受多項國際安全認證。4ward Fitness會繼續不懈保持整潔、保持「卓越級」空氣質素,確保會員可以在最優質的環境健身!⁣

4ward Fitness considers everyone’s safety . In addition to cleaning the venue regularly every day, we also regularly hires the EHS disinfection team to perform disinfection. We have always adhered to strict maintenance of venue hygiene, so this year we have once again obtained the highest air quality index "Excellent Class" standard, becoming the only fitness center in Hong Kong that has achieved the highest level for four consecutive years! The disinfection team EHS introduced the latest American disinfection technology, which has revolutionary sterilization efficiency, does not contain irritating chemical components that are harmful to health and the environment, and is subject to a number of international safety certifications. 4ward Fitness will continue to maintain the hygiene and "Excellent Class" air quality to ensure that members can exercise in the best quality environment!⁣