【4ward Fitness 最新場內指引】⁣



2)已設置多部醫療級DWTB-NCCO 空氣淨化系統。⁣


4) 所有前線員工均遵守政府的衛生指引,每14天進行一次新冠病毒檢測。⁣

5) 會員在進場和離場時必須使用手機App掃描作紀錄。而訪客亦須登記有關個人資料,或掃描「安心出行」二維碼。⁣

6)進場人士均需量度體溫和填寫健康申報表和簽名作實,超過攝氏37.5 度,將不能內進。⁣


8)場內已添增消毒設備,使用設施前請先清潔。所有健身器材及設施亦會每日定時消毒。 ⁣


10)所有訓練小組、課堂、運動器材將遵從1.5米距離。每一健身站、器械和器材不能容納多於 4 人。⁣



如有任何查詢,歡迎向reception 5802-0123聯絡。⁣

4ward Fitness 謹啟⁣


【4ward Fitness latest guidelines】⁣

Regarding the latest measures issued by the government, everyone should pay attention to the following items to maintain personal and environmental hygiene:⁣

1)Regular EHS professional disinfection team will come to the site for thorough⁣


2)Several medical-grade DWTB-NCCO air purification systems have been installed.⁣

3)It has been evaluated again by the Environmental Protection Department as having an air quality of "Excellent Level".⁣

4) All staffs will abide by the government's health guidelines and test the new coronavirus every 14 days.⁣

5) Members must use the mobile App to scan for records when entering and leaving. Visitors must also register their personal information or scan the " Leave Home Safe" QR code.⁣

6)Please take a temperature measurement and fill-in a health declaration form, and a signature is required. Those who exceed 37.5 degrees Celsius cannot enter.⁣

7)Who have travel records or have close contact with high-risk individuals, please quarantine themselves for 14 days.⁣

8)Disinfection equipment has been added. Please clean the facilities before using them. All fitness equipment and facilities will also be disinfected regularly every day.⁣

9)Recommend to wear masks in the centre. When participating in a group class, all must wear a mask at all times.⁣

10)All training groups, group classes, and sports equipment will follow a distance of 1.5 meters. Each fitness station, equipment and equipment cannot accommodate more than 4 people.⁣

11)We will maintain live classes to cater for the needs of different members.⁣

12)The sauna room will be suspended until further notice.⁣

If you have any enquiries, please contact our reception 5802-0123.⁣

Sincerely, ⁣

4ward Fitness⁣

17 Feb, 2021

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