【4ward Fitness✨專業私人教練:Nicole Tam】⁣⁣⁣


無論你嘅目標係減脂、修身、增肌都好,4ward Fitness嘅專業私人教練都可以為你度身編制課程,達到你的理想健身及修身效果!立即聯絡我哋,以體驗價$150試玩一堂私人教練課程啦!⁣⁣⁣

After a long time of exercise, the body shape still not improved significantly ? It seems that you really need a sports plan and professional guidance ! Personal Trainer Nicole understands the needs of female members . The course will combine a variety of functional training, such as arm retracting, back muscle training, becoming bubble butt , etc. Nicole also pays great attention to stretching before and after exercise, because if the tight muscles are not relaxed will make the body unable to become slender, and even waste the exercise effect ! Nicole’s "Tailor-made Female Slimming Course" will surely lead you to develop charming lines~⁣

Whether your goal is fat loss, self-cultivation, or muscle gain, 4ward Fitness's professional personal trainers can design courses for you to achieve your ideal fitness and self-cultivation effect ! Contact us now to try a personal trainer course with the trial price of $150 ! ⁣⁣⁣