【4ward Fitness🌟多元化培訓】⁣

為提高服務質素,4ward Fitnees嘅專業教練團隊都會定期進行訓練、進修課程。我哋嘅私人教練除咗熟悉健身器材之外,亦會了解團體課堂課程。早前教練們就互相學習更多元化的訓練方式,增加變化同埋強度。因為肌肉適應性強,如果長時間做相同訓練動作,肌肉就好難有明顯的增長。所以我哋會定期更新訓練內容和技巧,令訓練變得更多元化。快啲加入4ward Fitness,同教練共同進步啦!⁣


In order to improve the quality of service, 4ward Fitness's professional personal trainer team conducts regular training and refresher courses. In addition to being familiar with fitness equipment, our personal trainers will also know about group classes. Earlier, they learned from each other for more diversified training methods to increase the intensity and transformation. Because the muscles are highly adaptable, if you do the same training exercises for a long time, the muscles will hardly grow significantly . Therefore, we will regularly update the training content and skills to make them more diversified . Come join 4ward Fitness now, and make progress together with our trainers !⁣