【4D Spinning🌟室內動感單車】⁣

4D Spinning同健身單車唔同,佢係一個高強度爆汗運動。喺漆黑嘅房間內進行訓練,配合我們獨家的40多種LED燈設計同埋激昂音樂,令你更加投入!過程中會加入HIIT的訓練元素,加強鍛鍊心肺功能,達至全身減脂增肌的效果。立即加入4ward Fitness,同專業導師一齊喺興奮氛圍中運動燒脂啦!⁣

4D Spinning is not the same as the exercise bike , it is a high-intensity and sweat-intensive exercise . Training in a dark room, with our exclusive more than 40 kinds of LED light design and exciting music , which make you more engaged! In the process, HIIT training elements will be added to strengthen the exercise of the cardiopulmonary function, and achieve the effect of reducing fat and increasing muscle throughout the body . Join 4ward Fitness now, and burn fat in an exciting atmosphere with professional instructors!⁣