【 HIIT🔎到底什麼才是高強度?】⁣

究竟高強度嘅定義係咩呢?出汗出得越多、心率越高、肌肉力竭?有氧的高強度著重於對心肺系統的刺激,而無氧的高強度就反映訓練對神經肌肉的刺激。HIIT的高強度介於有氧和無氧嘅狀態,唔會局限於單純的心肺刺激,而當中間歇訓練的元素又不至於引起大程度的神經系統疲勞。但如果訓練時間過長,動作質量、訓練效果都會大打折扣,所以時間和強度控制都十分重要。立即加入4ward Fitness,讓專業教練帶領你達到最好成效的訓練啦!⁣

What is the definition of high intensity? The more sweating, the higher the heart rate, and the muscle exhaustion? The high-intensity aerobic focuses on the stimulation of the cardiopulmonary system, while the high-intensity anaerobic reflects the stimulation of the neuromuscular training. For the high intensity of HIIT, it is between aerobic and anaerobic conditions. It will not be limited to only cardiopulmonary stimulation, also, the elements of interval training will not cause a large degree of nervous system fatigue . But if the training time is too long, the quality of the action and the training effect will be greatly reduced , so time and intensity control is very important. Join 4ward Fitness now and let our professional instructors lead you to achieve the best results !⁣