【4ward Fitness 將於 5 月 8 日恢復營業】




根據政府最新公佈的防疫措施, 4ward Fitness 將於 5 月 8 日(星期五)凌晨12時正恢復營業。為遵守政府訂立的《處所措施規例》和保障場內衛生,將更新下列的防疫措施:


1. 每位進場人士均需量度體溫和填寫健康申報表,並需簽名作實,超過攝氏37.5 度之人士,將不能內進。

2. 會員或員工於過去14日內如有外遊記錄或與高風險人士曾有密切接觸,懇請自我隔離14日,確實沒有受感染的情況下,方可進場。

3. 進入中心時須佩戴口罩(但不限於運動/練習期間),及與他人保持一定距離。

4. 場內已添增消毒洗手液和清潔劑等,使用設施前先清潔。

5. 每隔一小時場內會進行清潔及消毒。

6. 所有運動器材將遵從1.5米距離。

7. 桑拿房暫停使用直至另行通知。

8. 根據政府規定,團體課堂最多可容納8人,連教練在內。我們亦會維持直播課堂,以照顧不同會員需要。

9. 已聘請最新國際認可的光自潔納米技術團隊,為場內消毒,長效殺菌達6個月。

10. 定期有EHS專業消毒團隊到場內進行徹底的消毒。

11. 已設置多部醫療級DWTB-NCCO 空氣淨化系統。

12. 已獲得環境保護署評定為空氣質素達「卓越級」的標準。





4ward Fitness 謹啟


[4ward Fitness will reopen on May 8]


To all members:


According to the latest anti-epidemic measures announced by the government, 4ward Fitness will reopen on 8th May, at 12:00am. In order to comply with the "Regulations on Space Measures" made by the government and protect the hygiene of the center, the following epidemic prevention measures will be updated:


1. Everyone entering the center needs to take a temperature measurement and fill-in a health declaration form, and a signature is required. Those who exceed 37.5 degrees Celsius cannot enter.

2. Members or staffs who have travel records or have close contact with high-risk individuals within the past 14 days, please quarantine themselves for 14 days, and you may enter the center if there is indeed no infection.

3. When entering the center, you must wear a mask (but not limited to during sports / practice), and keep a certain distance from others.

4. Disinfected hand sanitizer and detergent have been added to the center, and clean before using the facility.

5. Every hour will be cleaned and disinfected.

6. All sports equipment will comply with the distance of 1.5 meters.

7. The sauna room will be suspended until further notice.

8. According to government regulations, group classes can accommodate up to 8 people, including instructors. We will also maintain live classes to cater for the needs of different members.

9. The latest internationally recognized self-cleaning nanotechnology team has been hired to disinfect the center for a long-term sterilization for 6 months.

10. Regular EHS professional disinfection team will come to the site for thorough disinfection.

11. Several medical-grade DWTB-NCCO air purification systems have been installed.

12. It has been evaluated by the Environmental Protection Department as having an air quality of "Excellent Level".


Thank you for your cooperation. We will definitely walk with you, and strive to provide the most safety sports environment, healthy and anti-epidemic!

The above measures will be updated from time to time in response to the epidemic situation, and the company will reserve the final decision on whether or not guests can enter the center.


Sincerely, 4ward Fitness

May 7, 2020

如有任何查詢,詳情請向reception 5802-0123聯絡。

For any enquiries, please contact our reception 5802-0123.