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早前4ward Fitness首在業界引用光自潔納米技術✨,為全場噴上納米消毒塗層🔫,能自動分解99%細菌🗡️。確保場內每處地方和使用嘅器材,都喺無毒無菌🚫的!⁣ ⁣ 而呢個全新光自潔技術,亦開始引起公眾關注和認識,廣泛地被採用。⁣所以「東張西望」就專程上嚟了解一下📹。大家都記得保持個人衛生,減少社交活動,希望疫情盡快過去💪🏻!⁣ ⁣ 4ward Fitness is the first gym center to use cs-self-cleaning✨ disinfectant spray🔫 in the industry, which decomposes 99% of bacteria🗡️, to sterilize the whole center. It ensures that all the places and facilities are well-cleaned and the absence of bacteria or viruses🚫 in the center. ⁣ ⁣ Moreover, it is a fact that cs-self-cleaning disinfectant spray has aroused people's awareness, and it is being used frequently. We are honored that TVB program has interviewed us📹 for cleaning details. Remember to keep your personal hygiene and reduce social activities, for now, we hope that coronavirus can be passed away as soon as possible💪🏻!⁣