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為咗提升服務質素⬆️,OP-BAR全新加入咗4款來自韓國🇰🇷嘅免切雞肉🍗,有香草、煙燻、蕃茄和辣燒烤味。✨喺三低一高嘅營養食品😍,低鹽、低脂、低卡路里和高蛋白質,非常適合運動人士💪🏻。另外,亦新增咗不同健康嘅飲品,如鮮榨飲品和豆漿咖啡等。大家做運動前後,都可以來OP-BAR揀選啱你心水嘅食品啦🙆🏻!⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ In order to improve the quality of service⬆️, OP-BAR has added 4 types of free-cut chicken🍗 from Korea🇰🇷, with herbs, smoke, tomatoes and spicy barbecue. ✨They are the three low and one high nutritious foods😍, with low salt, low fat, low calories, and high protein. It is very suitable for sports people💪🏻. In addition, there are different health drinks such as freshly squeezed drinks and soy milk coffee. Before and after exercising, you can come OP-BAR to choose your favorite food🙆🏻!⁣⁣