• wolflee5

【 鄭俊弘 Fred Cheng X 4ward Fitness 】⁣⁣⁣

Fred嘅MV今日終於推出了😍!⁣#血淚的磨練 喺一首好勵志嘅歌🎼,最岩就用運動嘅意志去表達💪🏻!而製作團隊就揀咗4ward Fitness✨為整個MV嘅拍攝場地。🤔有無數到Fred總共做咗幾多項運動呢?當日Fred嘅表現真喺好專業,無論喺Holofit房、4D Spinning房、泰拳區定器械區,一樣難唔到他!一齊去睇下MV啦💁🏻‍♂!⁣ ⁣⁣ Fred ’s MV is finally released today😍. This is an inspirational song🎼 that is most suitable for expressing with the will of sports💪🏻! The production team chose 4ward Fitness✨ as the shooting venue for the MV. 🤔How many sports did Fred do in MV? Fred's performance was really professional, no matter there is the Holofit room, 4D Spinning room, Muay Thai area or equipment area! He also can handle it. Let's watch the MV together now💁🏻‍♂!⁣