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【韓國教練團🇰🇷Luna Kang】⁣

韓妹除咗喺打扮上💄了得之外,其實運動都唔弱!韓國教練Luna就喺一個好例子了👍🏻!從少就熱愛各類運動,除咗參加過田徑🏃🏻‍♀和足球⚽外,讀大學時亦是主修運動科🎓,對運動既理論都有一定嘅研究。尤其對於操練女性嘅線條和結構,如何做到理想嘅魔女身型✨,亦是Luna嘅強項。唔洗驚做重力訓練會變到好似男仔咁大隻😳,因為Luna亦有她一套嘅方法。如果你都想改變,快點上來同Luna一齊交流下📥!⁣ ⁣ In addition to being well dressed💄, Korean girl is not weak in sports too! Korean coach Luna is a good example👍🏻! Luna has loved sports since she was young. She has participated in track and field🏃🏻‍♀ and football⚽ before, and also majored in sports at university🎓. She has well knowledge on sports theory. Especially for practicing the lines and structure of women or achieve the ideal body figure✨, they all are Luna's strengths. Don't be afraid that doing weight training will become as strong as a man😳, because Luna also has the right method. If you want to change, come and talk with Luna now📥!⁣

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