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【會員野外訓練日🤼‍♀Hiking X Yoga】⁣

春天嚟到🌻,想約埋一班朋友去户外做運動?今次4ward約你一齊登上山嶺🏔,享受大自然!當然約得你,點止行山咁簡單?登上山嶺後,導師會帶領大家一齊進行競賽遊戲🤼‍♀,然後喺廣闊嘅草遠上進行瑜珈,舒展身心。訓練同時亦可以令你放鬆心情。想過一個充實嘅週末?⭐各位會員唔好猶豫,✅費用全免㗎,名額有限,立即向reception報名參加!⁣ 👉🏻活動詳情:⁣ ⁣ It's spring🌻, want to do outdoors exercises with friends? Now 4ward will invite you to hiking🏔 together and enjoy nature! Of course, if we bring you, how can it be simple and easy? After hiking, our instructor will lead everyone to play the competition game🤼‍♀, and then have yoga class on the wide grass to stretch the body and mind. You can do training and relax at the same times. Want to have a fulfilling weekend? ⭐Don’t hesitate, ✅members are free of charge, limited places and contact our reception to sign up now!⁣ 👉🏻Workshop details:⁣ ⁣