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✨自開業以來,4ward Fitness 一向都非常重視場內的衛生環境🔫。所以由開業開始,便參加了政府的「室內空氣質素管理計劃」🌀。會由專業的團隊去評估場所內的空氣質素指標📊,主要是評估霉菌🦠和量度室內空氣質素💨。評分級別為「卓越級」及「良好級」,而證書亦需每1年續1次,以確保質素。⁣ ⁣ 4ward Fitness亦是全港唯一一間健身中心🌟,2年來連續獲得環境保護署評定為「卓越級」的標準🥇。可見我們對環境衛生的要求,絕對是非常嚴謹,令每一位會員喺場內都感安心!⁣ ⁣ ✨Since opening, 4ward Fitness has always attached importance to the sanitary environment🔫. From the beginning, we participated in the government's "Indoor Air Quality Management Plan"🌀. A professional team will assess the air quality indicators in the premises📊, mainly assessing mould🦠 and measuring indoor air quality💨. The grades are "Excellent" and "Good", and the certificate needs to be renewed every year to ensure the quality.⁣ ⁣ 4ward Fitness has been awarded the "Excellent" 🥇standard by the Environmental Protection Agency for 2 years, which is the only fitness centre in Hong Kong🌟. Therefore, our requirements are absolutely very rigorous for environmental sanitation, and all members can feel at ease in 4ward!⁣