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【韓國教練團隊長🇰🇷Shawn Lee】⁣⁣

韓劇中嘅軍人都喺高大有型👮🏻‍♂,但喺咪幻想中先有?現實中其實都有,仲要喺香港見到😍!4ward Fitness嘅韓國教練團隊長Shawn Lee🇰🇷,喺前海軍陸戰隊隊員,艱苦嘅訓練唔單止練出好身型💪🏻。⁣ ⁣ 仲憑住過往嘅經驗,創立咗香港首個韓式軍訓訓練班🤾🏻‍♂,引來大批傳媒追訪。待人友善和經驗豐富嘅Shawn亦深受會員嘅歡迎💙。如果你都想拜會Oppa,快啲上嚟試玩啦!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The soldiers in Korean dramas are tall and stylish👮🏻‍♂, but are they only in dream? In reality, we can meet in Hong Kong now😍! Shawn Lee, the leader of 4ward Fitness ’s Korean team🇰🇷, is a former member of Korea Marine Corps who has worked hard to build a good body💪🏻. ⁣ ⁣ Based on his experience, he founded the first Korean military training course🤾🏻‍♂ in Hong Kong, which attracted many medias follow-up. The friendly and experienced Shawn is also welcomed by members💙. If you want to visit Oppa, come to 4ward Fitness now!⁣⁣