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4ward Fitness一直為大家提供最衛生清潔嘅環境✳,場內的♻衛生設施視為首要🔝。亦喺全港唯一一間健身中心,得到「環境保護署」評定為空氣質素達到最高「卓越級」🥇嘅指標! 🚨喺防範武漢肺炎疫情期間,我哋亦做足預防!除咗有清潔專員隨時在場內維持設施潔淨外,⭐更採用醫療級空氣淨化DWTB-NCCO系統。此系統有效去除99.99%的細菌👍🏻,如流感病毒和大腸桿菌等。更早已應用於各大醫院、銀行和公營機構等,成效得到一定的肯定。 ⭐並定期有EHS團隊到場,利用美國新型消毒技術,為場內進行徹底消毒! 此抗疫期間,場內已加強衞生措施,⭐包括入場時量體温、放置酒精搓手液、消毒洗手液、增添場內健身設施清潔劑等。🙆🏻‍♀務求提供最乾淨衛生嘅環境,令每一位會員都安心! 👉🏻詳情

4ward Fitness has always provided the most hygienic and clean environment to everyone✳, with special attention🔝 to the hygiene of the facilities in the venue. It is also the only fitness centre in Hong Kong that has been assessed by the ♻"Environmental Protection Agency" as having reached the highest level of "excellent" 🥇air quality! 🚨During the prevention of Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, we do our best to prevent it! In addition to having a cleaning specialist to keep the facility clean at any time, ⭐we also used a medical-grade air purification DWTB-NCCO system. This system are effectively remove 99.99% of bacteria👍🏻, such as influenza virus and E. coli. They have already been used in major hospitals, banks, and public institutions, and the results have been certain. ⭐And EHS team arrived regularly and use the new American disinfection technology to thoroughly disinfect the site! During the anti-epidemic period, sanitary measures have been strengthened in the venue, ⭐including measuring body temperature when entering the venue, placing alcohol hand rubs, disinfecting hand sanitizers, and adding cleaners for on-site fitness facilities. 🙆🏻‍♀To provide the cleanest and hygienic environment, so that every member can rest assured! 👉🏻