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新年期間4ward Fitness仍然24小時開放,等你放長假期都可以繼續運動🏋🏻‍♂!平時去開間gym關咗門點算⛔?唔洗愁!為照顧大家嘅需要,🔊喺25/1-27/1 (年初一至三),4ward Fitness將會每日開放20個名額⭐,俾大家免費來做gym! 名額有限,先報先得,即刻Inbox我哋登記啦📩!

備註: 1) 所有參加人士,進場時必須出示有效的香港身分證。 2) 所有進場人士,不得在場內進行任何商業活動。 3) 如有任何爭議,4ward fitness擁有最終決定權。

4ward Fitness is still open 24 hours during the Chinese New Year, and you can continue to exercise 🏋🏻‍♂during long holidays! What can I do if my fitness center close⛔? Don’t be afraid! In order to take care of everyone, 🔊on 25/1-27/1 (Sat to Mon), 4ward Fitness will open 20 quotas⭐ for everyone to do gym for free! The quota is limited, first come first served, register in Inbox now📩!

Remarks: 1) All participants must show a valid Hong Kong Identity Card when enter 4ward Fitness. 2) All participants must not conduct any commercial activities on the venue. 3) In case of any dispute, 4ward fitness reserves the right of final decision.