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大型健身中心暫定營業? 想轉健身中心但又有約係身? ⭐4ward誠邀各位gym友,只要你手持有效嘅會籍和合約,過嚟參加4ward Fitness,成功轉會後,舊會籍餘下嘅月份都可以繼續免費轉過嚟用👍🏻,即喺你有幾多個月就送幾多(上限免費一年)⭐! 🔥優惠只限頭50位,先到先得,截止日期為15/12/2019!仲唸?即刻登記啦

Your fitness centre suddenly collapsed, be a soulless soul now👻? I want to transfer, but what’s about the monthly fee I paid? ⭐We invite all gym friends, as long as you hold a valid membership and contract, and join 4ward Fitness. After finish transfer, the remaining months of the old membership can continue to be used for free👍🏻 (upper limit free for one year). ⭐! 🔥The offer is limited to the first 50, with a deadline of 15/12/2019! Still thinking? register NOW 🏋🏻‍♂