Newsletter  2nd Edition 15th June  2018

Core Concepts

When we thinking of a core workout to do at the gym, what usually do we think about? Sit ups? Crunches? Planks? Leg Raises? Here are the problems:


  1. Sit Ups – Can be hard on your lower back

  2. Crunches – Are you really working your core?

  3. Planks – holding a plank for too long will TURN OFF our core

  4. Leg Raises – Core workout or a Hip Flexor workout?


The main purpose of our core muscles are to protect our spine when we are going about our lives on a day to day basis. You may think of our core as a natural “Weight Belt” that will tighten around our waist to protect our spine from getting injured.

Our cores are always engaged, it just depends on to what degree. When you are waiting for a bus, your core may be engaged 20% to 30% of the time. When we are running, perhaps it is at 70% engagement. When doing deadlifts, over 90% engagement.


Question – If our core muscles protect us from injuring our spine when going about our daily tasks, why then do trainers continue to train the core in a lying down position? When we sleep (lying down), do we use our core?


Kyle and his team will introduce 10 different exercises that can help improve core strength.

Happy Watching :)


To test your core strength, please approach one of our Fitness Coaches or Trainers.

How do we build muscles?

Muscles are not just meant for aesthetics, they enable us to perform our activities of daily living, maintain posture, ensure that we move correctly, and keep our joints healthy. When we go to the gym and exercise, we are putting stress on our muscles and encouraging growth. Have you ever wondered how muscles grow? Do we know the correct formula to encourage a healthy rate of muscle growth?


As the video from TED Ed explains, our muscle grow when placed under the right amount of stress, given the correct blend of nutrition, and allowed for sufficient rest. Happy watching!

If you require further information, please speak to our team of Fitness Coaches and Trainers. They will be more than happy to assist!

Up Close and Personal

Have you met Shawn from our Korean Fitness Team? In this edition of FitTalk, we got Shawn to tell us more about his childhood, his studies, how he got into the fitness industry, and what his goals are. Happy Reading!




Hi Shawn, where were you born?


I was born in Busan, a port city in Korea. Usually, people from Busan are very warm and friendly ( just like me)..


What are your parents doing?


My Father was a soldier and now works in Customer Service. So, if you can imagine a tall man who looks strict but is very approachable, that’s him.


What did you study?


I studied in a local Korean University where I majored in Hotel Management. After graduating, I worked at Shilla Hotel where I learnt a lot and gained experience in the industry. Koreans considers the service industry as a very important industry.


When did you start training?


I started in the fitness industry eight years ago by registering for a PT class and working out vigorously. In fact, I wanted to be a doctor, but it was too late. As a trainer, I believed that I can change the life of another person and that if a person decides to exercise and develop a healthy body, he or she will start a new life.


Who is your inspiration in fitness world?


Mr Kim is not a world famous fitness celebrity. In fact he is an old Korean trainer who is a very friendly fitness professional. He spends a lot of time studying and managing his clients with much details and dedication.


Why did you come to hongkong?


I came to Hong Kong because I wanted a new challenge. It was also a good opportunity for me to start teaching non Korean clients, something which I believe is good for my portfolio.


Do you like HK? What is your favourite food in HK?


My favourite food is BBQ. I like meat! Hong Kong's BBQ culture gives me a really good feeling. I can eat slowly, talk and make a build good relationships.


What is your biggest mission at 4ward fitness?


I want to make a difference in the service standards of 4ward Fitness through infusing Korean culture and fitness professionalism. In Korea, we are very detailed and strict on how we train, coach, and also service our clients. I would very much like to introduce that standard into Hong Kong.

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