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Thursday, January 16, 2020

4ward Fitness 人氣王⬆之一Christian Monge深受會員歡迎,他喺健身行業已經有20年經驗🌟!除咗喺instructor之外,他仲喺我哋嘅Fitness Manager💡!Christian Monge喺來自哥斯達黎加,所以課堂上都加咗外國嘅訓練模式!而且他的性格熱情和有活力🔥,帶動咗課堂嘅氣氛,令到會員都非常投入💦!宜家他主要教授Fitness Spinning, TRX, Tobata和Latin Dance。嚟緊仲會有更多新元素帶俾大家🆕,記得緊貼留意我哋Facebook!如果你仲未體驗過,就要...

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


It turns out that next week is the Chinese New Year🎋. This is a festival that full of blessings and excitement㊗. In order to let everyone feel the festive atmosphere✨, 4ward also hangs some au...

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

平時睇 Kolor 玩音樂就睇得多🎸,不過其實他們都好勤力做運動㗎,為求可以保持最佳狀態🌟!今次咁齊人嚟4ward,當然就唔喺操音樂啦,想知他們有咩挑戰😎?記得密切留意我哋Facebook啦!

We always watch Kolor to play music on stage🎸, but actually they are hard-working to exercise in order to maintain the best state🌟! The whole team came to 4ward at th...

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