Dancing workshop

4ward Fitness將聯同著名排舞老師—麥秋成旗下嘅“Neverland” 合作,推出全新跳舞堂。想上更多跳舞堂?直接泥4ward Fitness就可上到,包你跳到爆汗又唔想停!Neverland 是流行舞蹈學院,由星級舞蹈總監 Shing Mak (麥秋成) 創辦,致力推廣流行舞蹈文化,開辦不同種類的流行舞蹈課程及舉行多元化的流行舞蹈活動,例如︰Jazz Funk、Hip Hop、Urban Dance、Lyrical Dance、Locking、Popping、Breaking等。想知幾時有第一堂?密切留意我哋啦!

4ward Fitness will collaborate with "Neverland", which is hold by the famous dancing teacher, Shing Mak . Want to take more dancing classes? Come to 4ward Fitness and join the class directly, you will jump to sweating and don't want to stop! "Neverland" dance house, established in 2011 by celebrity dance producer Shing Mak is dedicated to promote pop dance culture. A wide variety of programs and events were introduced, aiming to share the experience and the joy of dancing, for example: Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, Urban dance, Lyrical Dance, Locking, Popping, Breaking etc. When is the first lesson? Keep  pay attention on 4ward Fitness!

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