Hiking X yoga


28th March (Sat)

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【Hiking X Yoga


名額:25名 (只限會員,費用全免


時間:28/3/2020 (六),  10:00-14:00


集合地點:利東站B出口, 10:00

*優先報名:Premium Members - 12/3/2020 開始  

*公開報名:All Members - 15/3/2020 開始  

Hiking X Yoga

Maybe we will do  indoors fitness training as always. Now 4ward will invite you to climb the mountains together, enjoy nature and breathe fresh air! Of course, if we bring you, how can it be simple and easy? After climbing up the mountain, our instructor will lead everyone to play the competition game, and then have yoga class on the wide grass to stretch the body and mind. We can do training and relax at the same times. Want to have a fulfilling weekend? Don't hesitate and contact our reception to sign up now!

Quota : 25 members  (For members only, free of charge


Date : 28th Mar 2020 (SAT),  10:00-14:00

Gathering Place : Lei Tung Station (Exit B), 10:00

*First enrollment:Premium Members - start on 12th March 2020

*General enrollment:All Members - start on 15th March 2020


90分鐘 - 行山(玉桂山)
60分鐘 -
60分鐘 - 放鬆和瑜珈

90mins - Hiking (Yuk Kwai Shan)

60mins - Games Challenge 

60mins - Relax & Yoga Class 

如有興趣報名或查詢,詳情請向reception 5802-0123聯絡。

If interested or any enquiries, please contact our reception 5802-0123.