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【Holofit Mini Personal Training Group Class】
4ward人氣大熱嘅「全港首創及最大智能互動訓練系統Holofit」一直好評如潮,相信好多會員都唔會陌生!現在推出了嶄新嘅加強版「Holofit Mini Personal Training Group Class」,由韓國教練親自教授,並有不同訓練主題選擇。課程由10堂為一系列,只限4人小組上課。課程由學員們自組時間,彈性方便。教練將針對性訓練,包你喺課程完結後,有脫胎換骨嘅感覺!

課程1:肌肉耐力持久訓練 (導師:Alvin)

  • 以減重為主要訓練,著重燃燒脂肪,並增加耐力


  • 進行重量訓練,有效地減輕體重和防止體重增加

​課程3:S型線條魔女訓練 (導師:Luna)

  • 讓所有女性擁有夢想中的線條,S般的身型


每人費用:10堂  ($300/1堂)       20堂  ($250/1堂)

【Holofit Mini Personal Training Group Class】

4ward's popular "Hong Kong's first and largest intelligent interactive training system Holofit" has been well received, and we believe many members will be familiar! Now we launch a new and enhanced version of the "Holofit Mini Personal Training Group Class". It teaches by Korean coaches and has different training theme options. The course consists of 10 lessons for a session and is limited 4 people of group. The time is organized by the members, which is flexible and convenient. Instructor will train you in a targeted way and let you feel completely reborn after the course!

Class 1:Cardio Training Class (Instructor:Alvin)

  • Based on bodyweight, focus on burning fat and increases endurance

Class 2:Weight Training Class(Instructor:Roy)

  • Do the weight training to decrease your weight effectively and prevent weight gain

Class 3:Perfect Body Shape Class (Instructor:Luna)

  • Create a perfect women’s bodyline, and like an “S” body

Quota:4 people
Time:1 hour

Fee/each:10 classes  ($300/1 class)   Or    20 classes  ($250/1 class)

如有興趣報名或查詢,詳情請向會籍部 9088-2027聯絡。

If interested or any enquiries, please contact our membership department 9088-2027.