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Fitness Information

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4ward Spot 特許經營,能讓你:

  • 靈活安排,配合投資者需要提供不同的建議,助您開拓事業與未來。

  • 提供多元化選擇服務,包括市場推廣、人力資料、系統管理、裝修設計等等,由我們的團隊為您解決繁瑣事務,讓您可以更專注。

  • 清晰的投資成本策略,能有效預測回報期,拳握營運動向。

  • 擁有獨特品牌風格,主品牌形象早已被客戶認同。

  • 不論有否健身行業或從商經驗,4ward Sport的顧問團隊,會向您提供專業的分析及協助,與您同行。

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4Ward Spot Franchise

Feature One

Flexible arrangements to meet the needs of investors to provide different suggestions to help you develop your career and future.

Feature Two

Provide a variety of choice services, including marketing, human resources, system management, decoration design, etc., our team will help you to solve tedious tasks and let you to focus more on business.

Feature Three

Clear investment cost strategy can effectively predict the payback period. Get the chance.

Feature Four

With a unique brand style, the main brand image has been recognized by customers.

Feature Five

Regardless of the fitness industry or business experience, 4ward Sport's consultant team will 
provide you with professional analysis and assistance to step 4ward with you.

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